Finding a man’s best friend in Minecraft

Everyone can get behind taking care of a puppy right ? Well for a while now you can do so in minecraft. You must have noticed the wolves around you while playing right ? Well if you simply find, or more likely acquire by killing a skeleton, a bone you can use it to tame that wild beast into a loyal friend who will follow you around. Generally wolves aren’t aggressive in minecraft unless you attack them first, simply approach one with a bone and they are gonna let you tame them, making them follow you around and even protecting you from dangerous enemies as a good guard dog should. However you should also care for you new friend as it’s only fair, right ? Also don’t be frightened if he starts barking since it’s pretty much random. I think dogs should be expanded in minecraft, letting you train your new friend, making him stronger and letting you care for him in different ways, like giving him different types of food, brushing his pelt etc.

What about you, what do you think Mojang should do with dogs ?

Play Minecraft online

Try the Minecraft Online

Minecraft Classic is a version of the popular online game in which you can play using the browser. Play Minecraft online and see why so many people love this game. We guarantee that you will want to buy the full version with multiplayer support.minecraft online

Where I can play Minecraft Online?

If you want to test the game before you buy Minecraft go to Register and play Minecraft Online. This is the classic version, lacking many features that are available as pay. Despite this, You can see what the Minecraft. You will learn the rules of the game and you judge whether it is worth to buy the full version. Remember that the main advantage of the full version is the ability to play in multiplayer mode. Laying the blocks world is a lot nicer if it gets them from friends around the world. The Classic version, which is available online we only rely on themselves and build alone.

Imagine being able to build as the days of Lego bricks, a world haunted by all sorts of monsters, from the exploding zombies creeperów, adventure, when we fall into a dark cave suddenly forgetting where he was out, connect with graphics and you wypixelowaną Minecraft’a.
More information about the differences between 1.8 and Miecraft Minecraft Classic we will describe in another post!

How to play Minecraft?

In Minecraft has no levels, storyline or anything what is known in other games. In Minecraft simply build anything that we wymarzymy. Here are some keys that we use in the game: W, A, S and D – are our cursors, through which we move; Spacebar – Jump; Hold down Shift and the cursor is creeping; E – our equipment; To select something from our inventory / warehouse we use the number keys 1 to 9

Some points on the Minecraft server tips!

Playing all the mobile gaming regularly in the home or in the offices to get all the best of fun and entertainment is always a beautiful thing to do. This is quite better to play some games which offer an excellent show in the home, especially when you undoubtedly need good entertainment to get all the refreshment to work again in the offices. The games like Minecraft are also an excellent game to play regularly to remove all the stress of life. There are so many things in the game that you need to understand before playing the game. 

Minecraft is also one particular game that requires little knowledge about the game, which is essential to get all progress and all the great fun and entertainment. Many gamers in the world want to play the game in a multiplayer mode, and today will teach you some essential lines over the gameplay and the secure making various servers for the multiplayer gaming in the mobile regularly.

Using the computer or mobile for mobile gaming is sufficient to start the multiplayer gaming, and below, you will find some particular points over the right secure making of the servers for the game.

  • There are so many features in the game, which allow you to play the game in a multiplayer mode in the game. To start the multiplayer gaming in the game, you need to hit the add server button in the game to start the online or multiplayer gaming in the game.
  • Add all the local computers and internet computers in the game to play multiplayer gaming. But it is also necessary to add only those servers which have all the assurance of giving the right support in playing the game.
  • Don’t allow all the people whom you don’t know personally because it may spoil your computer or mobile phone by a hacking process in the game.
  • So many hackers in the world seek to get some chance to hack anything on the mobile or on the computer, which is personally run by the gamer for other procedures. So you must allow only those gamers or machines which have secure credentials.
  • You can also take the help of internet security websites, which offer excellent security while playing the game favorite game in a multiplayer mode. All the sites will charge you little for protection they will provide you in the game.
  • It is always feel good to play the favorite game with all the friends and relatives who always wanted to play the game along with you, especially the game like Minecraft.


Finally, I can say that all the lines and words given above are enough to provide you with all the support which you always wanted to start the multiplayer gaming in the game. So this way, you can quickly begin to the Minecraft servers in the game very immediately. You can easily add hundreds of servers in the game to get all the decent experience of playing the game in multiplayer mode.

How can anyone select the best Minecraft servers?

There are tons of gaming servers around us to choose. But Minecraft servers are considered to be the best server as it mostly satisfies our all the criteria very quickly. You can select the best the server from many options according to our need. This article will help you to choose the best game server, once you excess through this article, you will understand how to select the best server for the game.

Servers list –There are lots of servers which provide the services of Minecraft servers. We can select the best servers from this as these servers are based on the popularity of the server. Therefore the majority of the players play on a higher rank. For identifying these servers, we must consider some of the aspects. 

Different gameplay- for smoothing gaming experience we must focus on the type of gameplay we play. Therefore one should always consider their favorite gameplay station. As it will help them to play according to their potential and also helps in choosing the best game servers. Sometimes as higher rank players play in a single server, they are familiar with the atmosphere of a gaming server.

Population– the popularity of any server is based upon the pubic attendance in it. More the community interaction in it more it is famous. Therefore it is considered that if any server has more than 100 peoples in it, they are top-ranked servers. On the flip side servers having less than 50 peoples are arguably lower ranks are playing platforms.

Information about the system – many of the times the interference of the system is tuff to understand and noncooperative as well. Therefore having an understanding and helpful server which helps us in every stage of our gaming experience can enhance our gameplay time. So having a cooperative technical staff is a significant factor for any gamer when choosing playing platform.

Protection- the safety of any player is essential for service providers and player as well. Many of the gamers don’t want their identities to be out. So they prefer Minecraft servers as they provide grid protection to the users of a gaming server. As well as they make sure that their system protects the player’s identity and playing styles are hidden.

Website reviews- when it comes to choosing the best server for playing then defiantly one should check and test the reviews of the website. As the reviews of the users play a significant role to make and ruin the reputation of any playing platform. So we should always check the reviews given by people about their experience on that particular website.

Checking server- last step for choosing the server that one must check their home server. As best servers have helpers and assistants for favoring new users and making their user interference very simple and useful. So that they can stick at the particular station for a more extended period, chief work of those staff members is that they will provide all the rules and regulation about server and game.

Minecraft shield

Minecraft shield was first introduced in Minecraft 1.9 and was added in attempt to balance new PVP mechanics. Most of PVP community didn’t really accept this idea tho. Minecraft shields can be obtained by crafting wood and iron ingot, it’s also possible to repair them and to use banners on them.

On most public servers you still won’t see them tho mostly because they’re running Minecraft 1.8 because of performance issues introduced in Minecraft 1.9 and later.

Shields can also be enchanted, but only via anvil, the following enchants are available: Unbreaking, Mending and Curse of Vanishing.

World’s keep getting reset to original world

I have been playing Minecraft Bedrock for a few weeks and my worlds have been getting reset to the original empty seed (the same as when I started the world).

To prevent losing my progress I have been exporting backup files of the worlds I play on. Half the time the world opens properly with all my stuff, the other half it resets and I have to open the back-up file I made.

Sometimes the back-up file doesn’t load either and I have to try multiple times and it will finally load my world properly.

Today I opened MC and my world reset again (which I have gotten used to by now), I’ve tried loading the back-up I made about five times and it hasn’t loaded properly.

Any Suggestions?

Edit: I finally loaded my world with everything in it after about 10 tries. I would still appreciate suggestions as it is still annoying to load my worlds.

Minecraft overheating

So, every time I play Minecraft 1.14.4 with OptiFine and then install or load a world and start place block the laptop fan start running fast or it get hot, like really how.

Every time when I place my hand on the back on the laptop it feel super hot and when I exit out of Minecraft like when I quit the game after a few min the laptop go back to normal mode and it cool down but only after awhile.

The laptop I’m using is Dell laptop with i7, it’s a brand new laptop I brought It had Intel core 17 8th Gen CPU and NVDIA GeForce GPU, it’s really good – but cooling is just wrong.

Eye of ender on Minecraft XBOX

I’m playing Minecraft on my Xbox. In creative mode I’m trying to find stronghold to finish up some achievements just so test to see how this would look like but there’s an issue.

I can’t seem to throw eye of ender in creative mode? Is there a fix for that? I tried Google and Youtube but so far nothing and I just can’t use them ingame for some reason, can’t throw them or do anything with them.

Is this because I’ve updated to new Minecraft? I knew I should have stayed on old version.

Minecraft lag

Just a regular Minecraft player here with server lag issues, and I haven’t been able to find anybody with a similar issue, or if there is somebody, anybody, I guess I don’t know what to search anymore. But the problem is that my friend has Minecraft server, he has it port forwarding, decent amount of ram dedicated to server, and has a very stable connection.

I also have a very stable internet connection, and very good speed, it can get up to 100 mb/s depending on usage in my house, however for some reason, when there are more players on the server, upwards of about 4 other players, I just start lagging like crazy but only me.

My PC is fine, I get a lot of FPS so I’m guessing it’s not hardware issue, but aside from that I have no idea what could it be and how to approach this.

Old Minecraft vidos?

Back in maybe around 2013 or 2015 or maybe even earlier or later I saw on YouTube a lot of Minecraft roleplay and or movie type of series. They were featuring characters tying to evade stuff like enderbrine like monster that tormented them. I specifically remember one of the characters visiting a cave cut into a cliff and in a later episode visiting the same, though now overgrown and ruined, cave but had absolutely no memories of the cave.

But other then a few images of how it looked I can not remember much more, I believe the thumbnail of each episode featured something similar to enderman eye or something. I have been looking for this special series for a while now after remembering it but have come up blank, if anyone knows what I am talking about and remembers more, or knows what the series was called and can find it please inform me as I just want to to rewatch it if only for nostalgia sake.