Instant gaming any good?

I’m really trying to study Minecraft from Instant Gaming right now. I saw that Minecraft Master’s Edition is the same price as the standard edition but on Xbox Marketplace. Should I buy this? Or is it risking getting nothing or something I didn’t want?

It feels like a ploy to get me back into MC, because I was actually going to redownload it today, but I just keep seeing Minecraft posts everywhere…

Sounds like Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. When something is on your mind you more easily pick it out of the blur of information you see every day, and it seems like the frequency you’re seeing it is increasing. I’m not saying no one has ever shilled Minecraft but this is the same phenomenon that occurs when you buy a new car, suddenly you see that car everywhere, or you get into a new TV series, or learn a new word, etc. Again, not saying no one is/has been shilling the game but give some thought to whether or not you’re actually seeing it around more or just noticing it more.