Old Minecraft vidos?

Back in maybe around 2013 or 2015 or maybe even earlier or later I saw on YouTube a lot of Minecraft roleplay and or movie type of series. They were featuring characters tying to evade stuff like enderbrine like monster that tormented them. I specifically remember one of the characters visiting a cave cut into a cliff and in a later episode visiting the same, though now overgrown and ruined, cave but had absolutely no memories of the cave.

But other then a few images of how it looked I can not remember much more, I believe the thumbnail of each episode featured something similar to enderman eye or something. I have been looking for this special series for a while now after remembering it but have come up blank, if anyone knows what I am talking about and remembers more, or knows what the series was called and can find it please inform me as I just want to to rewatch it if only for nostalgia sake.