Finding a man’s best friend in Minecraft

Everyone can get behind taking care of a puppy right ? Well for a while now you can do so in minecraft. You must have noticed the wolves around you while playing right ? Well if you simply find, or more likely acquire by killing a skeleton, a bone you can use it to tame that wild beast into a loyal friend who will follow you around. Generally wolves aren’t aggressive in minecraft unless you attack them first, simply approach one with a bone and they are gonna let you tame them, making them follow you around and even protecting you from dangerous enemies as a good guard dog should. However you should also care for you new friend as it’s only fair, right ? Also don’t be frightened if he starts barking since it’s pretty much random. I think dogs should be expanded in minecraft, letting you train your new friend, making him stronger and letting you care for him in different ways, like giving him different types of food, brushing his pelt etc.

What about you, what do you think Mojang should do with dogs ?