Best Minecraft servers

With the year coming to a close, I’d like to go over Minecraft servers that really impressed me this year. The servers I listed here are the ones I personally enjoy. These are the Minecraft worlds that made me have fun and let me meet some of the funniest people in a while.

  1. Minescape
    Minescape is sort of a melting pot of Minecraft and Runescape. They pretty much ported Runescape into a Minecraft realm and designed and made it look like one of the finest mmorpgs around. Developers spent quite a few years making this happen and it’s obvious that this Minecraft server is their work of art. They put in time and effort to make a faithful reimagining of the fan favorite mmo and it shows.
  2. Pixelmoncraft
    This is another marriage between a Minecraft server and another game, in this case Pokemon. The Nintendo games are obviously famous throughout the world and Minecraft seems like a perfect game to bring this fun game mode to. But the people in charge at Pixelmoncraft took it even further and recreated some of the places you can find in the earlier pokemon games on their server. Then they replaced the animals with wild pokemon and a fun game was born. They even have gym leaders for you to challenge.
  3. ExtremeCraft
    ExtremeCraft is one of the most well updated and maintained server clusters out there. They have it all, if you want to just play a game of Skyblock you can, if you want to mess around in survival, they got you covered, want to sink your time into factions, sure you can … With all their game modes there’s something to do for everyone. Their community is pretty well moderated too and they root out any offenders extremely fast, owning up to their name.
  4. Mineplex
    Mineplex is one of those Super-Servers, they’ve got plenty zones for you to get lost in and tons of game modes to have fun in. They also have thousands and thousand of players playing on their server daily so they must not be doing everything wrong. Mineplex is probably the only server that feels like they have a studio behind it, their staff is literally online 24/7 and they have plenty of friendly people in their community more than willing to help or just play with you. They’re also famous for their recreation of Mario Kart, called the Minekart which is a nice blast from the past.

These are my favorite Minecraft servers of the last year. If you can’t find a Minecraft server that’s right for you, you can head over to this Minecraft server list and I’m sure you will find it there.