Minecraft prison game mode

While there are plenty of fun game modes for Minecraft out there, prison has got to be one of the most popular, so obviously it’s got to have done something right. So to go over the basics, you’ve landed in prison and been told you have to work off your debt to your jailers. You can mine pretty much anything you see and then sell it off for profit. Want a better pickaxe, to make the task go faster … Well you can find the necessary ingredients or … you can buy them from your fellow inmates. Yeah, you can save up your money to up yourself to the next level, or you can make the whole process go a bit faster from that point on and give a bit of your hard earned cash to another schmuck whose trying to do the same.

There are plenty of ways to play Minecraft prison. Most players simply mine their share and move on. However most servers also offer you a use of a personal lot, which you can use to trade and sell stuff with other inmates. This can make moving up in the world easier and faster, or it can simply waste your time. Usually people prefer the fast level strategy, moving up as soon as you can, since the higher levels are less densely populated and therefore there’s a higher probability of rarer and more precious blocks on them. This isn’t always true however, since there are usually big breakpoints in costs for levels so you might find a lot of people on a particular level since there’s a huge jump between a cost to get there and to move on.

Most servers also run their flavor of events. Sometimes you get money for doing certain things, sometimes the price of certain materials is increased for a limited time. Sometimes enemies are spawned, letting you kill them and collect their loot. However one of the most helpful actual strategies I found, was to play with a friend or two, since like the actual prisons, these aren’t the most savory of places. You might be attacked at any time by your fellow players, simply wanting to take what you have, so it’s more than like that you’re going to have to defend yourself at some point. Having a friend or two in such a situation isn’t the worst thing you can have going for you. If you want to try out this game mode, I can point you to this Minecraft server list, where you can find the best server for what you’re looking for.