Minecraft Anarchy servers

Minecraft anarchy servers are, like the name implies, servers with little to no rules governing how players should act and conduct themselves on. There are plenty of anarchy servers that spiral out of control becoming a cesspool of rude and obnoxious players, while the ones worth playing on tend to tow the thin line between […]

Play Minecraft online

Try the Minecraft Online Minecraft Classic is a version of the popular online game in which you can play using the browser. Play Minecraft online and see why so many people love this game. We guarantee that you will want to buy the full version with multiplayer support. Where I can play Minecraft Online? If […]

Minecraft shield

Minecraft shield was first introduced in Minecraft 1.9 and was added in attempt to balance new PVP mechanics. Most of PVP community didn’t really accept this idea tho. Minecraft shields can be obtained by crafting wood and iron ingot, it’s also possible to repair them and to use banners on them. On most public servers […]