Minecraft Anarchy servers

12. 14. 2022

Minecraft Anarchy servers

Minecraft anarchy servers are, like the name implies, servers with little to no rules governing how players should act and conduct themselves on. There are plenty of anarchy servers that spiral out of control becoming a cesspool of rude and obnoxious players, while the ones worth playing on tend to tow the thin line between actual anarchy and only perceived anarchy with a few ground rules. I'll try to compile a list of latter, so you can avoid the former. These are obviously a product of my preferences but they do reflect the best Minecraft anarchy servers have to offer, however if you feel like my choices aren't scratching that real anarchy itch, i can direct you to anarchy servers, where you can find plenty of different servers and are sure to find one that's tailored to you.


In their own words, their anarchy server is a wild west, there's no claims to be had, there's no protection from scammers, the only word you can trust is your own. Cheating is still prohibited however and enforced without mercy so the playing field is level at least in that way, however you will still find yourself outnumbered and quite possibly outgunned playing on this server. ExtremeCraft network obviously lets you play many of the more popular game modes, however I've been quite impressed with their anarchy servers an can wholeheartedly endorse them.

Purple Prison

While they're mostly focused on the prison game mode, their dedication and abilities do lend themselves to creating quite a fun anarchy server. The rules are non existent as they should be and there's plenty of people willing to screw you over just because they saw you mine some iron. There's also quite a decent community behind it all, though it wouldn't look like it at the first glance. They also boast one of the lowest lag amounts among any server anywhere, which is definitely a plus.

Mineland Network

This network has a, what they call, a survival+ server. In most respects it's an anarchy server with little to no mod oversight, with the exception of cheating allegations. The mods outright dare you to become the most evil griefer and egg on killing other players and griefing their creations. It's basically a grief or be griefed world out there, an epithome of an Anarchy server in spirit if not in name. The small downside is that most admins are natively russian so you might have to wait a bit to figure out and fix any grievances you might have.


This is one of the older Minecraft Anarchy servers and may, at first glance, seem played out and stale. You would be wrong in thinking that however, since the community built around it is still vibrant and they still run weekly events, keeping players interested in playing the game mode. The admins and mods are friendly out of game and anything but in game. There is no rules governing their server beyond the usual no cheating or abusing. The server also developed a few factions within their anarchy server, adding another layer of complexity to otherwise a bit stale game mode.

These are only some of the Minecraft Anarchy servers I play on. I find anarchy quite refreshing when, simply building out my vision gets dull and I start seeing red. If you'd like to find other Minecraft Anarchy servers I can recommend this Minecraft server list.