Eye of ender on Minecraft XBOX

I’m playing Minecraft on my Xbox. In creative mode I’m trying to find stronghold to finish up some achievements just so test to see how this would look like but there’s an issue.

I can’t seem to throw eye of ender in creative mode? Is there a fix for that? I tried Google and Youtube but so far nothing and I just can’t use them ingame for some reason, can’t throw them or do anything with them.

Is this because I’ve updated to new Minecraft? I knew I should have stayed on old version.

Minecraft lag

Just a regular Minecraft player here with server lag issues, and I haven’t been able to find anybody with a similar issue, or if there is somebody, anybody, I guess I don’t know what to search anymore. But the problem is that my friend has Minecraft server, he has it port forwarding, decent amount of ram dedicated to server, and has a very stable connection.

I also have a very stable internet connection, and very good speed, it can get up to 100 mb/s depending on usage in my house, however for some reason, when there are more players on the server, upwards of about 4 other players, I just start lagging like crazy but only me.

My PC is fine, I get a lot of FPS so I’m guessing it’s not hardware issue, but aside from that I have no idea what could it be and how to approach this.

Old Minecraft vidos?

Back in maybe around 2013 or 2015 or maybe even earlier or later I saw on YouTube a lot of Minecraft roleplay and or movie type of series. They were featuring characters tying to evade stuff like enderbrine like monster that tormented them. I specifically remember one of the characters visiting a cave cut into a cliff and in a later episode visiting the same, though now overgrown and ruined, cave but had absolutely no memories of the cave.

But other then a few images of how it looked I can not remember much more, I believe the thumbnail of each episode featured something similar to enderman eye or something. I have been looking for this special series for a while now after remembering it but have come up blank, if anyone knows what I am talking about and remembers more, or knows what the series was called and can find it please inform me as I just want to to rewatch it if only for nostalgia sake.

Zombies in Iron Farm?

On Minecraft server 1.14.3, is it better to hide zombies in iron farm, during the night so that villagers can sleep and produce more iron golems? Or would it be better to just leave the zombies to be seen and running around all the time?

I’m using my iron golem farm for afking and my minecraft servers are without any mods. Of course I’m always close enough so the chunks are actually loaded.

Villager overpopulation problem

My partner and I found a dead village with one lone villager. After cleaning it up and fortifying it, we managed to catch and turn a zombie villager.

All seemed to be going swell… Until the population boom. In a matter of two days, we have more villagers than thought possible.

All beds are filled and there are still many of them standing around at night. There have to be two villagers to a bed at this point.

I created a murder hole with lane and started ‘encouraging’ some nitwits and unemployed in there.

However, every time the population slightly decreases, I start seeing the dreaded hearts once again. Help! I have too many children! What can be done? Minecraft Bedrock 1.14

Best Minecraft platform?

I want to get Minecraft since it’s on sale. I have a ps4 and a switch.

I’ve tried to look into the version differences but I mostly just got confused. The ps4 is cheaper but I think it can’t crossplay with anything? The switch version is double the price and won’t look as nice but its portable and can do cross play.

Is that version also really buggy?

Please help me make a decision, I feel lost.

Huge unloaded chunks after Minecraft 1.14?

Hello! So i recently got this problem white unloaded chunks. Sometimes it happens on land, but it often happens on water. It so bad i cant even see the ground under me…

Playing on: MSI 1080 TI I7-7700K 8 gig Corsair Ram Everything runs on my SSD

I get the same, they do load after a while but it seems sluggish for sure.

Also my game no longer remembers further away chunks which I previously visited like it used to, which makes screenshots pretty useless as I can’t see very far.

What Minecraft Bedrock really needs

The Minecraft Java Edition in comparison to Bedrock

Minecraft Java Edition as stated in the title is written in Java. The nature of Java allows it to run on any platform there is including Windows, Linux and MacOS and also allows it to be modified and recompiled by people who want to modify the game using either the MCP or for a better and very open API one can use [Forge](https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/index_1.13.2.html] . There are also server-side plugins such as Bukkit and Spigot which allows servers to build a safe and robust community with there own policies which can be forced with plugins. This gives users the ability to modify the game however they like making it there own when the vanilla version ‘gets boring’ or when they want to implement whatever they want

What Minecraft Bedrock Edition is missing

Minecraft Bedrock has a lot of potentials, it is, in general, faster and also has more features than the Java Edition, Vanilla wise. A big problem lies with modding and platform availability. Platofrm-wise, unlike Minecraft Java Edition, it is available on:

  • Android
  • FireOS
  • FireTV
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Gear VR
  • iOS
  • Windows Store

But it is missing two essential platforms which are Linux and MacOS. Due to the unavailability of the game in these platoforms, they are missing an essential part of the people who made Minecraft what it is today, and also what in my opinion is a big factor of what’s holding Minecraft Java Edition players from switching to Bedrock edition. I personally have a lot of friends which play on MacOS or Linux (me included) which despite wanting to play bedrock edition can’t because my workflow requires Linux.

Another feature Minecraft Bedrock Edition is really missing is a good Modding/Scripting API. Currently, the options offered by Mojang are very limited and hence many people who like playing with and making complex mods are being left out. My proposal for fixing such a massive problem is to let people make the Modding API. The main reason why Minecraft Forge got so popular is that the community built it which gives a level of flexibility that can’t just be added by a couple of individuals in three years. Minecraft Forge was the reason we got mods such as GalacticCraft PixelMon and many other very great mods which is what brought people to the Minecraft Community.

Is there a way to host local words from my own PC to like 3 or 4 other people?

There was this app a few years ago with which you could easily host your singleplayer world to a small number of your friends, but one day it was discontinued all of a sudden.

I started playing Minecraft again after a long time and I want to be able to start afresh with my friends that I used to play with. Is there any other way I can go about doing it than buying a realm or paying for a privately hosted server? I won’t be greedy and ask for ones with high speed or whatever, I just want something that works.