Minecraft Anarchy servers

Minecraft anarchy servers are, like the name implies, servers with little to no rules governing how players should act and conduct themselves on. There are plenty of anarchy servers that spiral out of control becoming a cesspool of rude and obnoxious players, while the ones worth playing on tend to tow the thin line between […]

Minecraft lag

Just a regular Minecraft player here with server lag issues, and I haven’t been able to find anybody with a similar issue, or if there is somebody, anybody, I guess I don’t know what to search anymore. But the problem is that my friend has Minecraft server, he has it port forwarding, decent amount of […]

Zombies in Iron Farm?

On Minecraft server 1.14.3, is it better to hide zombies in iron farm, during the night so that villagers can sleep and produce more iron golems? Or would it be better to just leave the zombies to be seen and running around all the time? I’m using my iron golem farm for afking and my […]