World’s keep getting reset to original world

09. 18. 2022

World’s keep getting reset to original world

I have been playing Minecraft Bedrock for a few weeks and my worlds have been getting reset to the original empty seed (the same as when I started the world).

To prevent losing my progress I have been exporting backup files of the worlds I play on. Half the time the world opens properly with all my stuff, the other half it resets and I have to open the back-up file I made.

Sometimes the back-up file doesn't load either and I have to try multiple times and it will finally load my world properly.

Today I opened MC and my world reset again (which I have gotten used to by now), I've tried loading the back-up I made about five times and it hasn't loaded properly.

Any Suggestions?

Edit: I finally loaded my world with everything in it after about 10 tries. I would still appreciate suggestions as it is still annoying to load my worlds.